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Dental Tourism in Vietnam is gaining in popularity and attracting a large amount of travelers.

Why Navii Dental Care?

Navii Dental Care is confident to accompany you to splendid destinations in Vietnam and through your lifetime journey.

Dental Services

Navii offers a full range of dental services

Root canal →

Fillings →

Tooth extraction→

Cleaning and polishing →

Anti grinding mouth guard  →

Mouth guards for sensitive teeth →

Periodontal surgery→

Abscess treatment→

Implant include Crowns→

All-On-4 Implant→

Dentures →

Dental bridge→

Dental X-rays→

Teeth whitening→

Veneer →

 Gum contouring surgery→


Orthodontics for children →

Invisalign →

Braces →

Customer Stories

vietnam dental tourism
We were getting lost in a pool of dental offices in Hanoi until we ran across a nice blog written by Navii Dental Care. The clinic was like a few steps from our homestay and its offers suited our expectations. I had veneers and my gf had crowns, both of which are high quality and their treatments are incredibly fast! Also, foreigners should really come that the personnel speak English well.
John A. Kieran / Australia
vietnam dental tourism

Found out that Navii offers dental tourism that includes high quality services for much lower price tags than in the US. I had a single-tooth implant and a trip to Hoan Kiem Lake and Cua Bac Church. Dr. Hoa was very skilled that the whole treatment was surprisingly short. About Hanoi, this city is one of a kind. I actually planned to visit Halong Bay at first. but Navii somewhat saw me through after a few conversations. Thanks for everything!

Michael Maxwell / USA

After having porcelain crowns in another dental address for awhile, I started feeling acute pain and discomfort, so I visited Navii Dental Care. Dr. Hoa diagnosed that my gum was swollen because of unfit crowns in the upper jaw. After a thorough treatment and replacing all crowns with new ones, i couldn’t be more pleased.

Viet Cuong Chu / Chairman of Insurance Council - VIETJET., JSC